Detailed Schedule History

Schedule Experience History

Project Controls Success in a Career Spanning 34+ Years

International experience, highly-skilled, results-oriented, known for beating deadlines and exceeding expectations, Project Controls Specialist with 23 plus years of extensive and diverse experience planning and scheduling successful projects for small to large companies operating in a variety of industries.  By utilizing 10 years of research from 494 projects, I help clients save both significant time and significant cost on any project by utilizing the 5 proven and critically essential elements that are absolutely critical for a successful project.

The following schedule history shows the diverse experience that I have gained because of the high demand for my expertise, ability to meet deadline and exceed expectations.  My work ethic, talents, abilities, and consistence, has excelled me to the top of my field and allow me to consistently receive top compensation.

My diverse experience in various industries such as pulp and paper, power generation, petrol-chemical, health care, aerospace, nuclear, environmental restoration and several others.  I’m told my ability to simplify information and present it in an easy to read format is unique.   My experience allows me to know how to present this data to anyone from the person that will use the schedule to perform the work, to upper management presenting information to the board of directors or for a monthly report.  My schedules can serve these diverse needs.

My field experience is another asset.  Experience cannot be taught; it comes from hands on work and real live field experience is a great teacher.  One example is a rather simple thing to me.  The schedule should be organized by physical area for construction and by system/sub-system for start-up and commissioning.  I have great examples to show you how I have overcome what appear to be roadblocks for other schedulers.  I can show you real examples from successful projects that I have utilized these methods on, not some classroom theory technique that is hard or impossible to implement.

Working for large companies like Agusta/Westland Helicopter, BE&K, International Paper, Martin Marrietta (now Lockheed Martin), US Army Corp of Engineers, down to small construction management companies or regional contractors has also given me diverse and extensive experience.  I have gained greater knowledge and expertise working with these various companies and different industries.  This has enabled me to pick out the best practices from each company and enhance them as I use them.  I have also gained greater knowledge in the software’s ability to and often time exceed clients’ needs and expectations.  My 27 years of experience in project management and controls has helped me to anticipate needs and excel in my field.

I am the scheduler of choice for several clients when the project is either very large, complex or of a critical nature.

I have been the only scheduler on seven outage or shutdown projects ranging from as few as 50 craft people to as many as 800.  One shutdown, I was the only successful candidate (3rd person hired) to properly pull together a 2,500 activity construction schedule on a large paper machine shutdown schedule that was a 45-day outage, $63 million lump-sum contract that involved over 1500 craft people at the peak.

Specific project range from several million dollars to more than one and a half billion dollar projects.  Contract types also vary from lump sum to cost plus, with some not to exceed.

Note that the one project that I worked on that had an incentive bonus attached to the fee, the contractor got all possible points in the scheduling area because of my work (Cianbro - Mead Paper, - Pulp Dryer Rebuild, Rumford, ME - 10/99 to 05/00).

Two projects that I was the scheduler on both received the 2004 Maine Project Management Institute (PMI) Project of Distinction awards (Petrodrill-Amethyst and Spring Harbor Hospital).

NEED to update from 2008 to Present


Capital Projects Scheduler / Project Controls

Verso Paper, Jay, ME  -  *08/06 to 06/08

I was brought in to develop achievable plans for the capital projects for the site. I worked with the on-site superintendents and their estimates, to develop these schedules.  Because of the detail available from the estimates that supported the budgets, it was easy to develop the detailed construction schedule by import the data and then review the details and logic with the superintendents.

Recovery Boiler #1 – Upper Furnace Wall Replacement - Acting as the Owners Project Controls person for this project, I developed and updated a fully integrated, resource loaded, CPM schedule for that included a liquor to liquor schedule for this $16 million Capital Improvements project that includes a 35 day outage.  I developed and updated simplified quantity tracking system to provide timely and accurate status of the projects schedule information, which served as an early detection for any schedule variances.

 #8 Supercalender Induction Profiler Installation (also #7) - Converted an MS Project schedule to a Primavera (P6) resource loaded, CPM schedule to establish an aggressive outage timeline for this project that was at the Bucksport facility.  This was a unique schedule because the critical resource on the job was the elevators not installation labor.  The outage was detailed with about 125 activities for each outage.

Groundwood Conveying & Loading Project* - Developed and Updated a resource loaded, CPM Schedule for this 4 phased installation.  This was an $11 million Capital Improvement project.  The total project consisted of about 710 activities.

Spring 2007 Outage Projects - Developed an optimized and achievable schedule to deliver 45 separate projects to meet owners’ aggressive schedule constraints.  Schedule consisted of 1400 activities in pre-outage and outage work including civil, structural, mechanical, piping, and electrical and resources to optimize resource requirements and minimize outage down time.  Various jobs have various windows of time to be completed, so coordinating the jobs and crafts are easily done with scheduling tools like Primavera P5/6.  The craft loading went from about 125 to 275 craft people for this outage.

Riley Dam Re-Leveling Project* - Developed and updated a resource loaded CPM schedule for this project using 225 activities to detail out the work.  The work included about 800 cy’s of Sub-surface concrete and 700 cy to re-level the apron of the dam.  This project was completed before the regulatory required date.

MACT1 (Maximum Achievable Control Technology) Project - Developed and updated fully integrated, resource loaded, CPM schedule for project consisting of 230 activities to detail out the pre-outage and the 10 day outage work.  Included was a simple pipe installation tracking system tracking progress and production, since the job was mostly piping work.

Primavera Project Planner (P3 to P6) was the software of choice because of the flexibility, such as importing data and the reports and graphs and table information available for resources.

Dorothy Walker Bush Pavilion

Southern Maine Medical Center, Biddeford, ME  -  * 08/06 to 11/07

I was the only scheduler for this $20 million (construction cost), 32-month construction project, which was fully integrated, includes engineering, procurement, construction and start-up for this new emergency wing/department (22,000 SF) and extensive renovations to this existing facility that is to be done in 7 phases.  This CPM schedule included resources to optimize both the resource requirements and also the project duration.  Currently the level 3 schedule is only developed through phase 2 and stands at 800 activities, with summary activities for phases 3 to 7.  Due to the fast pace of the project and 35 subcontractors on the job, schedule meeting were held every 2 weeks.

Primavera Project Planner (P3 & P6) is the software being used for is flexibility and power.    Typical Bar charts were produced from each update cycle and various combination reports were utilized for the various subcontractors on site.

Future Lynx Helicopter Development and Production

Agusta/Westland Helicopter – Yeovil, England – 10/05 to 05/06

Hired to access and then manage/coordinate the planning team to development the detailed CPM integrated schedule that started with 3,500 tasks and will end up with over 22,000 tasks.  This will establishment the baseline schedule for Earned Value Management System (EVMS) to better manage the work and to work towards getting the client certified for in the US EVMS Standards.  The programme (project) is valued at over US$1.5 Billion over 12 years. Original assignment was for a 3 week assessment and then grew to having me coordinate the integration effort until a permanent person could be hired.  My end date was extended 4 times.  I also assisted in the site wide development of the EVMS.

Microsoft Project 2003 Professional was the scheduling tool that is used in connection with SAP to meet the EVMS requirement.  Starting with a summary level schedule of about 3500 tasks, the lower level detail schedule will be utilized for the proper integration both horizontally and vertically of the work, which will include over 22,000 tasks when completed.

Construction & Resource Utilization eXplorer (CRUX)

US Army Corp of Engineers-Engineering Research & Development Center-Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory, Hanover, NH – * 06/05 to 07/05

I helped the client develop their initial baseline schedule using P3e within the P2 system to establish their baseline for Earned Value Management System (EVMS) for reporting to NASA on this two-phase, four-year project.  Phase 1 initial baseline consisted of about 250 activities.  Project is to develop a robotic device to characterize Regolith using Modular Instruments & Analysis Tools for our moon or Mars and transmit that data back to the earth.

Primavera Project Planner (P3e) was used because of the requirements of reporting within the US Army Corp P2 System.  Phase 1 is about 250 activities.

Cancer Care Center of York County

Maine Medical Center, Sanford, ME  -  * 05/05 to 10/05

I developed a level 2 schedule for the construction management of this project.  It being a smaller job and because of the experience of the superintendent, only about 100 activities were included for this $3 million (construction) facility schedule.

Primavera Project Planner (P3) was the software used because of the owner requirements.

Mt. Tom – SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) Installation

Northeast Utilities, Holyoke, MA  -  * 05/05 to 12/05

The general contractor had established a proposal schedule and they asked me to come in         and resource load the schedule from the estimate and to review it to ensure it was a workable plan.  In working with the superintendent for the job, we got a plan together        that included engineering and procurement of the equipment to be installed.

As Delivery dates kept slipping, monitoring the plan became even more critical to be able to keep the core craft team members on site with productive work to accomplish.

The end product was a fully integrated, resource loaded, CPM schedule for this project. This schedule included all disciplines of work that are detailed in the 450 activities for this 8 month construction project.

Primavera Project Planner (P3) was the required software to integrate with the equipment supplier’s schedule.

2005 Annual Outage

International Paper, Jay, ME  -  02/05 to 04/05

I was brought in to develop an achievable plan to deliver 53 outage projects to meet the owners’ aggressive outage time line.  I worked with the on-site superintendents and their detailed estimates, to develop these schedules.  Because of the detail available from the estimates that supported the budgets, it was easy to develop the detailed construction schedule by importing the data into P3 and then review the details and logic with the superintendents.

This project utilized this data more than most other projects that I have been involved with in the past (All disciplines: civil, mechanical, piping & electrical).

This schedule ended up being over 2300 activities with resources to plan out this work including the pre-outage and outage work.  Pre-outage work planning was very helpful for the ramping up of the crafts from about 100 core people to over 450 people needed to accomplish the aggressive work schedule.

It was critical to bring in the craft people at the right time to stay within budget, while being able to meet the schedule deadlines.  The amount of pre-planning greatly helped in the successful outcome of these projects.

Primavera Project Planner (P3) was the software of choice because of the flexibility, such as importing data and the reports and graphs available for resources.

Harrisburg Waste to Energy Project

Barlow Industries LLC, Harrisburg, PA  -  10/04 to 02/05

I developed the detailed resource loaded construction schedule for the boiler contractor, which was $18 million (construction cost), for this 9 month project, which included some engineering, procurement, and construction activities for all systems.  The proposal schedule contained about 250 activities; however the final schedule I developed contained about 1400 activities.  Original assignment was to be 5 weeks, however I was extended three times because of the value I was adding to the project.

Delivery of equipment continued to slip, which made the job more interesting to see the implications of the pushing out of the deliveries.  The general contractor that I worked for ended up having to stop work for lack of payment and the detailed schedule that I developed with the superintendents greatly helped them in arbitration.

Primavera Project Planner (P3) was the software required by the client.  Contract penalties were included for the contractor, so ensuring timely completion of the contract work was imperative.  By including resources on the activities, the crew requirements could be better managed through detail planning.  As changes were needed to the schedule or various what-if’s were presented, P3 was used to understand the implications of such changes to enable management to make better informed decisions.

Two Bridges Multicounty Jail

Lincoln & Sagadahoc County’s, Wiscasset, ME  -  * 08/04 to 09/06

I was the only scheduler for this newly constructed, 90,000 SF, 500 bed facility, $20 million dollar (construction cost), 22-month construction project, which integrates engineering, construction and start-up of all systems for this new facility.  This schedule consists of approximately 950 resource loaded activities.

Primavera Project Planner (P3) is the software of choice for this project and includes craft resources to optimize the requirements.  Typical Bar charts with histograms of resource requirements are typical reports being used for the project, with certain special reports for separate disciplines of work produced as needed.   Monthly summary level bar charts will be provided for the progress report.

Bio-Mass Boiler Relocation

Georgia-Pacific, Old Town, ME – * 04/04 to 08/04

I helped develop the original proposal schedule and once awarded the contract, further detailed the work to reflect the changes in the revised scope of work.  This is a $15 million project fully integrating the remaining engineering, procurement, construction and start-up activities for the relocation of this boiler, which consisted of about 600 activities.  Included in the schedule are the craft resources to enable an earned value method to be utilized to ensure accurate reporting of progress.

SureTrak was utilized for the proposal, then changed to Primavera Project Planner (P3) to enable the earned value system to indicate the comparison between the early, late and actual craft hours by month.  The general contractor took over updating once I got it in order.

Master Plan - Phase 1

Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, Boothbay Harbor, ME  -  * 12/03 to 01/05

I helped to develop the master plan for this $8 million project.  The schedule consisted of about 300 integrated activities.

SureTrak is the software of choice for this project.  This was a level 2 schedule with some resources included.

Spring Harbor Hospital

Maine Medical Center, Westbrook, ME  -  * 02/02 to 03/04

I was the only scheduler for this $20 million (construction cost), 22-month construction project, which was fully integrated, includes engineering, procurement, construction and start-up for this new green field facility.  Resources were included on the construction activities to help better optimize the project.  The project consisted of about 1800 integrated activities.

SureTrak was the software of choice for this project and included craft resources to help optimize the crafts requirements.  Each month the schedule would be updated and utilized for weekly update meetings along with producing several summary level reports that were issued in the monthly progress report.  Bar charts with monthly histograms of resource requirements were typically used for the project.  Included in the monthly reports were certain discipline reports to show various phases of work and the required crafts for that work.  Example: Finishes – sheetrock tapers, painters, ceiling tile, floor coverings, etc.  This would help minimize crafts from working on top of each other, plus help the subcontractors manage their needed level of crafts.

Plotted bar charts were posted and used on site to help in the construction meetings and for quick reference as needed.

Several times Primavera Project Planner (P3) software was utilized for specific purposes.  This software enabled us to show the sheetrock contactor that his work was slipping by showing several past updates (targets) compared to the current update.

Petrodrill - Amethyst Project, Portland, ME  - 03/02 to 01/03

I was one of 3 schedulers, with my time devoted mostly to the electrical and commissioning groups.  Detailing the sequence of activities required for start-up and commissioning two semi-submersible self-propelled oil drilling vessels.  This project was to complete construction of these vessels, which was over 2 million work hours and over $150 million over 20 months.

Primavera Project Planner (P3) was the software of choice for this project with over 3,500 activities detailing the work to be accomplished.  An elaborate earned value system was developed to ensure that progress was being accurately reported and to better reflect expected cost.  I worked with the initial development of this system and was responsible for reporting the commissioning earned value weekly, it was summarized for a monthly report.  The details of the reporting system utilized an in-house data base program, reporting progress against the detailed estimate to complete and then compared that against the actual expended hours and various summary reports were produced from P3 showing these comparisons graphically.

Paper Machine Rebuilds

Great Northern Paper - #11 Paper Machine Rebuild, Millinocket, ME - 05/00 to 12/01

Madison Paper - #3 Paper Machine Wet End Rebuild, Madison, ME - 10/00 to 04/01

Mead Paper – Pulp Dryer Rebuild, Rumford, ME - 10/99 to 05/00

International Paper - #4 Paper Machine Rebuild, Jay, ME  - 07/96 to 12/96

Each of these schedules included craft resources on activities to help optimize resource requirements including total duration of the shutdowns, plus an independent check of the required crafts for the project.  The craft work hours ranged from about 120,000 to over 1,000,000 with the number of activities ranging from about 400 to just over 3,000.  The construction cost related to these projects was about $11,000,000 to $64,000,000.  Also, included in the scope were shutdowns ranging from 20 to 45 days with 250 and up to 1500 craft people working 7 days per week and 24 hours per day during each shut down.  Daily schedule updating is critical during the shutdown portion of the project, which was done by me.  The schedules were fully integrated included all disciplines of construction work plus, engineering and procurement.

SureTrak was the software utilized on the first three paper machines listed above, including the craft resources to optimize the requirements and total duration of the shutdown.

On the #3 PM project above, I personally took on the challenge of checking the status of this lump sum job to see how the project was progressing.  I compared the actual craft hours to the earned hours from the estimate and reported this to upper management, which was a less formal earned value management system (EVMS).

Primavera Project Planner (P3) was the software of choice for the IP Project in 1996.  This project was the largest of these in this list (over 1 million craft hours in less then 1 year).  It contained about 3500 activities including the craft resources and from engineering through to start-up/commissioning.  I utilized this information to create a simple earned value reporting system that confirmed that we were going over the lump sum amount.  I reported earned hours from progressing the schedule daily and comparing that to the actual and showed the difference to show clear facts of this difference, which clearly indicated the magnitude of the cost difference.

Mead Paper – Contractor Capital Projects, Rumford, ME - *10/00 to 03/01

Developed and update year 2001 and 2002 confidential contractor project schedule to better utilize the clients preferred vendors available resources and coordinate resources requirements with other major work in the state.

SureTrak was the software utilized for this project and included the crafts for resources to better enable the requirements to be optimized.

Bridgton Hospital – New Facility Installation, Bridgton, ME - *10/00 to 03/01

Starting with the proposal schedule, I developed and updated a more detailed schedule as directed by the Construction Manager, which was about 200 activities to track progress.  Then I performed several updates and handed the updating back to the Construction Manager.

SureTrak was the software utilized for this project.

Bowdoin College – Wish Theater Renovations, Brunswick, ME – *07/99 to 02/00

The Construction Management wanted a level 2 schedule, which was about 400 activities to track progress.  I updated the schedule every other week for full distribution to management and all the subcontractors involve with the project.

SureTrak was the software utilized for this project.

McCain Foods – Potato Plan Expansion, Easton, ME - 09/98 to 11/98

The Construction Management (CM) Company required a level 2 schedule.  I set up the initial project schedule and maintain it until someone became available to take over this responsibility within the CM Company.  This schedule included about 500 activities detailing all disciplines of work plus engineering and procurement activities.

SureTrak was the software utilized for this project.

State Farm – Project Management Implementation, Bloomington, IL  - 05/98 to 07/98

I worked with the project managers to develop and update schedules to track the software development and implementation.  This project was unique in that it required resource assignment at the individual person level vs. resource at a skill level (name vs. skill).

Microsoft Project was the software utilized for these projects.

MBNA – Brewster Inn Renovations, Camden, ME - 02/98 to 04/98

I worked with the project manager to developed and updated the detailed construction schedule included craft resources on each activity including all disciplines.

SureTrak was the software utilized for this project and included the crafts for resources to better enable the requirements to be optimized.

National Semiconductor – Facility Expansion, South Portland, ME - 05/97 to 09/97

Helped in developing detailed schedules for computer chip tool installation in the new facility, which was part of a major expansion at this facility.

Primavera Project Planner (P3) was the software of choice.

Maine Yankee – Central Engineering Capital Projects, Brunswick, ME - 01/97 to 05/97

Developed and updated detailed project schedules including resources for many capital and critical projects with the Cable Separation Project being extremely critical.

Primavera Project Planner (P3) was the software of choice.

International Paper - #4 Paper Machine Rebuild, Jay, ME  - 07/96 to 12/96 (Details above)

Department of Energy – Environmental Restoration, Portsmouth, OH – 04/92 to 10/95

This initial 4-month assignment lasted 3 ½ years due to my abilities to produce required schedules timely and accurately.  Resources were incorporated into schedule as we integrated estimating, cost, and scheduling.

Welcom – Open Plan was the software used.  Resources (dollars) were loaded directly from the estimating software in the schedule towards the end of this assignment.

Virginia Power – Central Engineering, Surry, VA – 10/91 to 4/92

Created standard reporting methods, including integrated manpower reporting system for the department.  Worked with project managers and craft personnel in developing and updating schedules for critical path jobs that were included in master outage schedule.  Served as department coordinator as needed.

Primavera Project Planner (P3) was the software of choice.